Did you ever notice that there just is some music that makes you happy? Or even joyful? And given the right music, that is quite biblical. If you feel like joy is being sucked out from within you, maybe listening to some joy filled music will help pump some joy back into you! And the songs need not have any lyrics to do this. It’s just the music itself that does it.

Six years ago, when the Handwritten Bible was put on display inside the Wisconsin State Capitol, the whole duration of that time music from Lindsey Stirling was playing in the background. Here is a VERY short clip from that time on display:

Shortly after that God asked me to write a prayer for her every day for a year. Each prayer revolved around a Scripture passage, and forty of them focused upon music and musicians. If you are interested in those Scriptures (or prayers which of course you can pray along with), I will include the list with links at the end of this article).

Lindsey Stirling spoke of God at her concerts as well as online. She referred to herself as a daughter of God (which, indeed she is). She composed much of her music herself. Likewise, she designed her music video costumes and did her own choreography. And if you have been impressed with her music videos, it may have something to do with her studies of film making in college, and with the people she partners with.

As an example, here is a song she composed, choreographed and performed herself. I saw her perform this live … and I re-prayed all 40 prayers listed below while I was there at her concert! First… here is her official video for Shadows:

And if you thought that was great … wait till you see her perform it live … I have one of her live concerts all queued up to just before she performs Shadows at the very bottom of this article (I included the last few seconds of her prior song plus her verbal intro to Shadows).

But before you scroll down, here is a more peppy song if you feel the need for some energy (from one of her concerts):

This is her prayer website ( ADaughterOfGod.com ) for the segment of music and musician related prayers:

Prayers based on scriptures about music, musicians and musical instruments:

As promised … here is Lindsey Stirling performing Shadows live (with a short intro):