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A Psalm (by Len) 

All mighty are You O Lord
. Awesome are the works of Your hands

Blessed is Your name in all the earth
. Beauty flows wherever You go

Caring is Your heart for all men
. Compassion is in Your eyes

Defender of the orphan and the widow
. Delighting over Your every child

Eternal God, creator of all things
. Encouraging those who trust in You

Fortress when we are weak
. Father of Lights, we praise Your holy name

Glory is before us everywhere we look
. Gracious are Your ways

Healer, helper, everything wonderful
. Holy, holy, holy – God of heaven and earth

I am, You say, and so it is
. Immanuel, God is with us this day

Joyful, just, glorious are You Lord
. Jesus, Your name we lift on high

Keeper of Your promises
. Kindness is ever on Your mind

Loving and laughing You listen to our stories
. Life and light are Your gifts always

Majestic are the heavens, created just for us
. Marvelous and amazing are Your deeds

Never forsaking us, You answer when we call;
.New, You made us, when You called us Your own

Orchestrator of miracles, unending they seem
. Only good are Your plans for those who cling to You

Patiently You watch over us all the day and through the night
. Powerful, all powerful and wonderful You are

Quick to respond to our calls for Your help
. Quieting the storms with just a word

Refuge for the oppressed, shelter in times of need
. Reveal more of Your glory to us, disclose bits more this day

Surely our hope is in You O Lord
. Secure and safe are we on this journey with You

Teach us Your ways, show us Your truth
. Triumphant let us walk with You.

Until our last breath we praise Your name
. United in Christ, we encourage and support each other

Victory is ours, for we read the end of the book
. Visit with us, meet with us, carry us as needed

Walk with us, run with us, sit with us today
. Welcome, we welcome You. Come Lord, be near

Yesterday, today, tomorrow, unchanging in Your love
. Young or old, Your mercy flows o’er us

Zion is Your mountain, set us up high with You
. Zealous for Your holy name, we give the glory all to You.

For all mighty are You O Lord
. And awesome are the works of Your hands.