Walking with God is simple, yet it is hard to continually do so. I don’t know if I will have a “tombstone” or not, but, if so, I’d like it to truthfully say, “He walked with God“.

Acknowledging God is simple, yet at times around others I get nervous and not know what to say (or simply chicken out)! I need to keep practicing!

God is always with us (hence the URL for this website), yet Scriptures tell us that WE must come near to him.

Perhaps I need to continually PRACTICE being in the presence of God.

Just SOME of the copies I have that fit on my lap! A few extra copies in case I need to give a copy to someone!

Perhaps I need to CHOOSE to be “normal” as God has defined it to me!

And today it struck me… I have been TRYING to walk, acknowledge and practice… so has it finally become a way of life for me? Is a way of life a bit more than just a set of habits? Yet, those “habits” I think are PART of this way of life!  Writing prayers for someone benefits me as well as them. I have made many websites for someone where I post my written prayers. I have printed and mailed prayers to people. I have even collected my prayers prayed over time for someone into a book:

A few of my prayers books
The index to the Scriptures used as a basis for 200 prayers for a friend
One Year of Prayers for someone I have never met or spoken with

God has told me that I am living my life as a prayer … so that is how I am able to pray continuously! And walking with God for decades has provided me with PLENTY of stories! Sharing my stories helps me remember my choices, my habits, my walk! And now, over the past two years, I have collected just SOME of the stories as part one of my Legacy Bible Companion book(s):

If you know me and were part of my journey, please send me an email or txt message with stories we shared… please help me to remember those times, those stories!