I spent a bit of time going through the first nine chapters of 1Chronicles and typing the name of every person mentioned into a list.  Sometimes there were two (or more) different people with the same name … and so I typed that name two (or more) times! Then I sorted the list alphabetically and formatted it into 6 narrow columns so that it wouldn’t take up as much paper (feel free to print this). In the end I counted 1, 216 different people all mentioned in those first nine chapters! Here is the PDF of the alphabetical list of names:

=> 1Chronicles 1,216 names in one list chapters 1-9

Here is a screenshot of the first page – names beginning with A through E:

And if you’d like to read all those names in context, here is a link to the passage in Scripture:

=> 1Chronicles 1-9

So, what do you think? Does this help understand how God can know YOUR name too? And that he is a very personable God who considers you as IMPORTANT!?

I previously posted this list on one of my other small website and 154 people downloaded it! So, I think that quite a few of you may be interested in this list of names … over a thousand names!