In the city budget, please support the amendment for The River Food Pantry and Our Community

Please join me in supporting our community and The River Food Pantry by showing your enthusiastic support for the 2023 budget amendment sponsored by Alders Myadze, Tishler and Carter to allocate $1 million towards constructing a larger and more efficient facility for The River Food Pantry on the North side of Madison.

I have volunteered and supported The River myself since the day it first opened over FIFTEEN YEARS ago! The River Food Pantry has a proven track record spanning over those years and just won the BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE and BEST CHARITABLE ORGANIZATION awards three months ago in’s 2022 People’s Choice Awards.

Over 11,000 people have relied on The River for their food and nourishment in the past, and the number of people needing their services is still growing. And let’s not forget the FACT that The River has fed hungry children over and over and over and over and over again this year … giving out over TWENTY FIVE THOUSAND meals to hungry kids! And that is over and above supporting entire families including the disabled whose lives literally are on the line here in Madison. Owning their facility will allow The River to accomplish two very important and significant things:

  1. Ensure the long-term stability of the community support they provide
  2. Substantially improve the overall capacity and efficiency of their operations

The proposed facility would more than double the pantry’s operational space and provide the sustainable infrastructure needed to support The River’s growing programs well into the future. Thus, investing in this project is not just about avoiding the loss of current services. No, it is much more! It is about expanding these benefits to even more people in Madison who need these services.

I fervently urge you to support this funding amendment, and by extension many of our most vulnerable neighbors.

As a VERY LONG term resident of Madison (for well over SIX DECADES), I thank you from the depths of my heart!

Len Lindsay


PLEASE join me in sending emails to the Madison City Council. Just write your own EMail and address it to this email address:

Make sure the subject line of your email is clearly referencing this specific topic… something like this:

Subject: Support The River, Support Our Community