How we view God & ourselves is important!

It may seem like a silly thing to say, but think carefully about it. If I believe that God is mostly angry and makes many rules for me to follow, I’ll live my life within those bounds. Likewise, how can I love God and love others as myself if I don’t know who I really am? So, for me, it was crucial to unlearn MANY things! I had many wrong understandings about just who God was. And I seemed to have no idea about who I was myself. So, during my early journey, I made a point to note verses that had answers in these two critical areas! This is my collection from those years to share!

NOTE: I chose to present my collection of over 200 scriptures in the form of cards … business card size.  There are 10 scriptures on each page. Just print the page and then cut out the cards.  The main theme of the verse is listed at the top of each card, so you can sort them into alpha order.  Also note that there are two groups of cards.  Those in purple are cards about Who Am I? and those in orange refer to God is…  I collected about a hundred in each group and covered most of the letters of the alphabet!

This isn’t taken from a book, but rather represents scriptures that popped out at me regarding these two main areas.  While you are reading your Bible, you likely will see other scriptures that remind you Who You Are …and Who God Is.  I encourage you to make your own set of cards with the verses that you collect!  Simply keep adding to my collection, or start fresh with your own!

  1. I am – God is – cards1
    I am accepted, beautiful and belong to God
    God is affectionate, awesome, caring and answers
  2. I am – God is – cards2
    I am blessed, cherished, comforted, set apart and belong to God
    God encourages and is counselor, creator, defender and eternal
  3. I am – God is – cards3
    I am safe, blameless, cared for and a child of God
    God is faithful, father, flawless and forgiving
  4. I am – God is – cards4
    I am protected, competent, confident and a child of God
    God is gentle, glorious, good, gracious and my fortress
  5. I am – God is – cards5
    I am delightful, loved and forgiven
    God guards, guides, heals and is compassionate and great
  6. I am – God is – cards6
    I am forgiven, free and friend of Jesus
    God hears and is holy, joy, judge and the helper
  7. I am – God is – cards7
    I am God’s, heir and holy
    God knows my heart and is just, kind, king and knowledge
  8. I am – God is – cards8
    I am holy, justified and have hope
    God listens, laughs and knows my thoughts and is light and living
  9. I am – God is – cards9
    I am loved, new and known by God
    God is majestic, love, marvelous, merciful and mighty
  10. I am – God is – cards10
    I am new, not condemned, not forsaken and an encourager
    God is all-powerful, miraculous, order, patient and peace
  11. I am – God is – cards11
    I am not forsaken, not rejected, precious, transformed amd protected
    God perseveres, preserves and is perfect and powerful
  12. I am – God is – cards12
    I am sane and balanced, protected, secure and a seeker
    God promises and is profound, protector, provider and pure
  13. I am – God is – cards13
    I am strong, valuable and a seeker
    God remembers, rescues and is reasonable, redeemer, refuge
  14. I am – God is – cards14
    I am valuable, wonderful, content and worthwhile
    God restores, saves, seeks and is righteous and safety
  15. I am – God is – cards15
    I am worthwhile, joyful, sister, protected and a priest
    God sees, speaks and is shrewd, splendor and a shield
  16. I am – God is – cards16
    I am ambassador, delightful, God’s workmanship, saved and a priest
    God sustains and is strong, support, teacher and a stronghold
  17. I am – God is – cards17
    I am aware, righteous, the salt of the earth and a disciple and temple
    God is tolerant, trustworthy, truth, unchanging and understanding
  18. I am – God is – cards18
    I am in Christ, chosen, appointed, a disciple and light of the world
    God warns and is upright, wonderful, affectionate and watching
  19. I am – God is – cards19
    I am redeemed and not abandoned
    God initiates and is affectionate, mercy, compassionate and unchanging
  20. I am – God is – cards20
    I am confident, not forsaken and not rejected
    God is good, zealous, capable and gracious
  21. I am – God is – cards21
    I am treasured, zealous, a child of God and not forsaken
    God answers and is music, true to His word and an encourager

I hope these are as helpful to you as they were to me!