This was my November 21 2020 post on my Facebook page (followed by my comments as the court case proceeded):

OK, this is for those who don’t trust the reports made by the media.

Rudy Giuliani was the head lawyer representing Donald J. Trump For President, Inc. in a court case in Pennsylvania and the judge for that case has authorized the release of the audio (not video) of the court proceedings! Thus you can listen to everything that happened in the court and see that it indeed matches up with the news reports (yes, it is nearly 4 hours long but I listened to the entire proceedings myself).

I can point you to specific portions of the proceedings.

When you get to the 42 minute mark you will hear a summary of what the court case is NOT about:
  • There is NO claim that any voter cast more than one ballot
  • There is no claim that any voter had his ballot WRONGLY rejected
  • There is no claim that anyone not eligible to vote voted
  • There is no claim of voter fraud that affects the plaintiffs
Next listen when you get to the 2hr 14min mark of the proceedings… listen a couple minutes where other Trump court cases are summed up and the Trump lawyer was asked by the judge if they were claiming voter fraud and the Trump lawyer replied, “No.”
Next listen when you get to the 2hr 41min mark and you will hear the judge ask Trump’s lawyers if there is an alleged fraud and Rudy replies “No your honor”.
Then 3 minutes later the judge asks Rudy, “Does the amended complaint plead fraud?” and Rudy replied, “No your honor”.
A little bit later at the 3hr 4min mark, Rudy states that he is not alleging fraud.
Then 5 minutes later Rudy actually states, “This is not a fraud case”.


Finally, if you listen to the end you will get to hear the judge refer the lawyers to some good restaurants in the area :) [note that you may need to slide the time back to the beginning, it seems to be stuck at one point and when I reset it, it still started there]

The Judge dismissed the lawsuit. You can read the article here:

If you are following along with this, you now also can read the entire 37 page order from the judge. CourtListener has posted it as a PDF file. Easier to link here is the Washington Post article that includes the PDF file in an article form that was easy to read from my chromebook.

If you are keeping track. My prior comment linked to the full document from the judge. The case was appealed to Federal Court. The Federal court dismissed the appeal. “Charges of unfairness are serious. But calling an election unfair does not make it so. Charges require specific allegations and then proof. We have neither here,” said Judge Stephanos Bibas, who was appointed to the court by Trump. Read the 21 page ruling here:

I hope you are following along since you were able to actually hear the entire initial court case which was dismissed. The appeal was dismissed. Now the Pennsylvania Supreme Court UNANIMOUSLY dismissed it with prejudice noting that the GOP petitioners “failed to allege that even a single mail-in ballot was fraudulently cast or counted.”

I personally wrote this and grant permission to copy or use any of this for your own articles or posts – Len Lindsay (God Is In Our Midst)