My friend Lee Grover is doing an experiment that he wanted done publicly. He wanted to see how many people would copy what he wrote on his Facebook page and paste it onto their own Facebook page. I hesitate doing the blanket copy and paste because that means what we both think is identical. That is a sign of a boring friendship. Instead … I will place what he wants copied to my page into this article and then link to this article from my Facebook page. That way I can have a virtual dialog with him, with agreements and thoughts rather than an unthinking cut and paste and go on to the next thing. And this should meet his “requirement” or “rule”.

That said … here is what Lee wrote (in orange) and my dialog with him (in purple of course).

Lee: Meeting Between Bread.
Len: Where did you find that phrase. At first it seemed to lack meaning … until I read what you wrote in your Facebook post.

Lee: Most of you know me pretty well. I don’t accept very many friends of friends because I feel it’s not for me.
Len: Yeah, me too. For a while I was totally pleased that I could count the number of Facebook friends on both hands. Then I decided, OK, I would add most people who ASKED ME to be a Facebook friend IF I KNEW THEM (kind of like how you said you do it). I am not sure if I have ever asked someone else to add me as their friend (I prefer waiting for them to ask me). Interesting that Facebook says that we have 23 mutual friends! That means there are likely 23 people we have both met and enjoy in the real world! Cool. However, Facebook won’t tell me how many Facebook friends you actually have!  Some of my Facebook friends have 800 or even over a THOUSAND Facebook friends. How many do you have Lee?

Lee: Almost every FB friend I have known on some level, you are not just a number. But if you are on my FB, it’s because we have some connection.
Len: Yeah, I kind of covered that in the prior point. From my perspective, having a TON of friends is not necessarily a good thing. It seems to me that having fewer “friends”  but actually knowing them and doing things with them is way better. I am pretty sure that there is a Scripture that backs up my view on this as well (do you want to look for it?) 

Lee: I would love to see if we can still chat more than just likes and actually something on each other.
Len: Sure thing … but at this moment in time, I am firmly in the Safer at Home group and meetings would need to be wearing masks outside (and it is getting cold)… or, via Zoom or Google Meet (which I like better than Zoom).

Lee: I decided to participate in an experience called “Meeting between Bread”. The idea is to see who reads a post without a photo. We are so consumed with technology that we forget the most important thing: good friendship. If no one is reading this message, it will be a short social experiment.
Len: Again, Lee … where did this “idea” come from? Personally, I prefer posts with no photo… no animated GIF… no Instagram whatzit. Sometimes those can be helpful, but mostly they are a distraction. I said this in my comment to your Facebook post. Let me reiterate some of what I posted in my comment to you there: 

Len: I grew up (elementary school) reading books … LOTS OF BOOKS. I would ride my bike six miles to the public library and check out as many books as they would allow – go home and read them and the next week do it again (no, this is not like walking 2 hours in a blizzard to go to school type story). I would hesitate choosing ONE WORD to describe anyone. For me, each person has their own gifts and and skills. I use the word “essence” for people … I try to see the essence of a person. That essence is not one word. But, Lee, you wanted to know one word for yourself. Can’t do that. I will give you a basket of words though: Helpful, Joyful, Honoring, Faithful, Reliable, Handy, Knowledgeable, Thoughtful and Personable. Now I have to follow your rule, right? In the past, I think I have done the copy and paste a complete paragraph from someone’s Facebook page once before. If I copy word for word what you said and post it on my page, it is like saying you and I are both saying the same exact thing. Not sure if that is the case or if we even WANT that to be the case. That would be a boring friendship. However … I will see how I can follow through with your intent!

Len: Voila … my solution was to paste your entire Facebook post as you requested, but as a virtual dialog which you are reading now. I hope this meets your approval. 

Lee: But if you finish this till the end, I would love you to comment in one word about us.
Len: Yes … I think it is accurate for me to say that I read ALL of your posts through to the end. And my prior dialog point covers the ONE WORD request you had.

Lee: For example, a place, an object, a person, a moment in which you remember us.
Len: Ah ha! All that would not be possible in “one word”, so I think my approach is what you are after. I remember the super best popcorn I have ever had. I remember you helping with our door, with our gutters. I remember you came with your daughter for a movie night. I remember you greeting people at City Church (and you are VERY good at that). I remember your comments about City Church “policies”. I remember that you have a motorcycle (I would never ride one – too dangerous because of the OTHER People on the road). I remember your beard. I remember you telling me how YOU thought a gutter protection should be (but I can’t remember exactly what that was) and that you might do that for us. This is way more than “one word”, but it does seem to apply to what you asked for, right?

Lee: Then copy this post and post it on your page (don’t share) and I’ll go to your page and leave a word that reminds me of you.
Len: Here it is … all your words … even colored in ORANGE so that you could easily see where you words are and where mine are (in PURPLE). I am posting this on my Facebook page as a LINK because Facebook does not let me use purple and orange in my posts, and it is nice to quickly see our dialog points.

Lee: Please don’t comment if you don’t have time to copy the text. This will destroy the experiment.
Len: OK … you got me here … what on earth is this experiment that can be destroyed by just one person not following a set of rules to the letter? Serious question Lee! Besides, I checked at random the Facebook page of three of the people who posted a comment to you to see if they were abiding by your experiment rules … nope! Zero of the three copied your post onto their Facebook page.  But at least I am doing it. Are you counting how many people followed the rules for your experiment (by checking if they posted a copy of your post)?

Lee: Let’s see who spent their time to read and respond according to the common story outside of Facebook.
Len: OK … I think you can figure out that I DID spend time on this.