Real Life Proof that Godly Behavior Matters

When you Do The Right Thing it benefits a community. We now have real life proof that godly behavior matters.

Godly behavior benefits a community!

When you place others before self, results are tangible.

When you place the well being of others before your own, the community benefits.

When you place honoring others rather than yourself, blessings and favor can be seen … literally.

As I related in my article “Voting This Election“, Jeremiah 29:7 includes what seems to be this promise:

  • With peace in the community, YOU will have peace
  • The welfare of the community will be YOUR welfare
  • When the community thrives, YOU will thrive
  • It’s future includes YOUR future
  • If it prospers, YOU will prosper
  • Security in the community will encompass YOUR security
  • If things go well for the community, they will go well for YOU!

This real life results of this promise from Scripture was actually reported in the news. Yes, a New York Times article detailed how doing the right thing (which we know is a godly thing) had tangible benefits for the entire community! Here is how the article begins:

A new study by economists at the University of Kansas has found that counties in the state where residents are obliged to wear masks in public have seen about half as many new coronavirus infections as counties that do not have a mask mandate in force.

The article continues, stating that communities that required wearing face masks to PROTECT OTHERS (placing others before self) reported

  1. fewer cases
  2. fewer hospitalizations
  3. fewer deaths (so godly behavior actually is saving lives in these communities):

The study by the university’s Institute for Policy & Social Research is part of a countrywide trend, experts said. Localities that impose mask mandates often see fewer cases, fewer hospitalizations, fewer deaths or lower test-positivity rates than nearby localities that do not.

The healthcare community is begging usbegging YOU… do the right thing. Wear a face mask whenever you are around others.  Benefits and blessings will result, as evidenced in Kansas.

UPDATE (October 28, 2020): Washington Post reports similar results in Tennessee … that researchers at Vanderbilt University report twice as many hospitalizations in areas that do not have a face mask requirement. [this correlates with the Kansas study]


I personally wrote this and grant permission to copy or use any of this for your own articles or posts – Len Lindsay (God Is In Our Midst)