Jesus Said, “Love God First; Love Others Before Self”

Forget Fighting for something Jesus didn’t fight for.

Jesus didn’t fight against abortion (murder), though he did stand up against the Pharisees and their hypocrisy.

Forget Focusing on something Jesus didn’t focus on.

Jesus summed up his focus in SEVEN WORDS:

  1. Love God First
  2. Love Others Before Self

Forget Failing to accept the truth if it is not something you want to hear!

Wearing a face mask PROTECTS OTHERS (you may be infected and don’t know it). Since we are to place others before ourselves, it is godly to wear a face mask when around others, so Do The Right Thing! And it also is scientifically accurate as well.

What Jesus Said Matters
What Jesus Did Matters

Remember fighting with compassion

Remember focusing on truth

Remember passing respect onto others

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I personally wrote this and grant permission to copy or use any of this for your own articles or posts – Len Lindsay (God Is In Our Midst)