Please watch this Nicolle Wallace video segment with Pulitzer Prize winning journalist health policy analyst Laurie Garrett along with Doctor Vin Gupta and Jason Johnson before reading this article. (Nicolle was White House Communications Director during the presidency of George W. Bush and in his 2004 re-election campaign as well as a senior advisor for John McCain’s 2008 presidential campaign)

After watching that short video clip, you next should take just a couple minutes to read a 5 page short story from 1976 (yes 44 years ago) by my favorite author, Isaac Asimov titled, “The Winnowing”.

Read Online: The Winnowing

It is with a sad heart that I now recognize the third position that the Republican candidate has embraced as reported by many reputable news sources (including Pulitzer Prize winning sources). This new position goes beyond merely Pro-Life or Pro-Choice and is clearly Anti-Life with a proposal that will result in over 1 MILLION (yes that is the correct word) deaths and 200,000,000 COVID infections (yes that is the right number of zeros). Do not be confused by the polite phrases “focused protection” and “compassionate approach” … if implemented it is a death sentence to over a million more Americans and a painful illness to 200 million more Americans and many will have lasting debilitating effects the rest of their lives! The White House embraces the Great Barrington Declaration as The Hill reports:

“The most compassionate approach that balances the risks and benefits of reaching herd immunity, is to allow those who are at minimal risk of death to live their lives normally to build up immunity to the virus through natural infection, while better protecting those who are at highest risk,” the [Great Barrington] declaration reads. “We call this Focused Protection.”

How can purposely allowing 1 million more deaths and 150-200 million MORE people to be infected be considered compassionate? I think a better term is “anti-life” (I just made up that term, but perhaps others will also apply the term to what the Republican candidate is proposing)!  This policy will clearly mark the Republican party as Anti-Life, which goes far far beyond Pro-Choice.

The Republican candidate says this: “Don’t be afraid of Covid.”

The Great Barrington Declaration is not a scientific document. As critics readily point out, it presents no data. It has no footnotes, few specific suggestions for how to implement the societal segregation and, unlike most scientific arguments, does not discuss potential objections to the proposal. Source: Washington Post article:

Proposal to hasten herd immunity to the coronavirus grabs White House attention but appalls top scientists


SIDE NOTE: The online document [Great Barrington Declaration] claims that thousands of doctors and scientists have signed it, as well as hundreds of thousands of people in the general public. Britain’s Sky News reported last week that some of the names are transparently fake, such as “Dr. Johnny Bananas” and “Dr. Person Fakename.

While there are many many news articles about this, including Pulitzer Prize winning sources, perhaps the article by Time Magazine is a good choice for you to read, if you are only going to read one news report. Time is reputable and they published a fairly comprehensive report:

The White House Wants to Achieve Herd Immunity By Letting the Virus Rip. That is Dangerous and Inhumane.


Here are some snippets from the article:

From a public health and ethical viewpoint, the fact that the Great Barrington Declaration is now the Trump administration’s official policy is deeply troubling.


No pandemic has ever been controlled by deliberately letting the infection spread unchecked in the hope that people become immune. We must do all we can to protect people from COVID-19, not let them get infected…


A strategy of going for herd immunity from natural infection would lead to a massive death toll—estimates suggests the result could be somewhere between 1 million to 2.5 million dead Americans. The U.S. health system would buckle under the weight of so many hospitalizations and ICU admissions. With the health system pushed to breaking point by the virus, services for diseases like cancer, diabetes, and heart disease would be disrupted, which could lead to an increase in deaths from these other conditions. And among those who are infected and survive, research suggests that 10% of people at any age may develop a long-term illness, called long-COVID, that appears to affect the lungs, heart, brain and joints, and can be highly debilitating.

And what is absolutely the worst aspect of this “strategy” is that it WON’T WORK! There are many reputable sources for this and I plan on updating this article with the reasons why it won’t work, but I wanted to get this info out NOW while I work on the update!