1. Trusted Truthful News Sources
  2. Election & Voter Fraud
  3. A Gracious President
  4. World War II veteran – timeless words for his son and his country
  5. Scriptures for Our Current Situation
  6. Listen to the Court Case
  7. Beth Moore Warning Statement
  8. Properly Skeptic
  9. Be Kind To Everyone (the shirt)
  10. The A Words

Prior Christian Voting Information:

  1. Mission Impeccable (be kind)
  2. To the Vicious: Be Kind
  3. Science and Religion
  4. What Jesus Said Matters
  5. A Moral Christian Man of Faith
  6. Jesus and Abortion
  7. Pro-Life Dilemma Solution
  8. Voting This Election
  9. The Christian Voting Command
  10. Doing The Right Thing (Others Before Self)
  11. Anti-Life is 3rd option with Pro-Life or Pro-Choice
  12. Homeless Jesus Statue
  13. Don’t Forget What Jesus Did
  14. Real Life Proof Godly Behavior Matters
  15. Journey Behind ONE of the Ten Commandments

I personally wrote these articles and grant permission to copy or use any of this for your own articles or posts – Len Lindsay (God Is In Our Midst)