Yes, abortion is terrible. I used to be a one issue voter myself and that was the issue! But then my eyes were opened and I could see more clearly (like scales fell off – source). Over the years it became clearly obvious that there are MANY MANY issues before us in this world, this country, this state, even just in my city! How could I have been deceived into thinking that just one issue was all that mattered, especially since Honoring and Glorifying God would of course be THE one issue, if there could only be one!


Over the past few weeks I remembered that Jesus is the way (see article by Steve Wiersum – photo above). What Jesus said matters. And I had thought that of course he was totally against abortion and it was number one on His list too! But I started going through Scriptures (starting in the gospel of Matthew) and looking at each statement Jesus made – categorizing it into one or two words (if possible). I did quite a few chapters of this and it wasn’t long before I realized that this project would take me months, if not years! (source) And then I discovered that someone else had already done what I had set out to do myself! So, I posted what I had done so far myself (What Jesus Said Matters) and ordered the book (The Greatest Words Ever Spoken; Everything Jesus Said About You, Your Life, and Everything Else). The book was great! It categorized the nearly 2,000 statements of Jesus into about 200 topics. The Table of Contents basically was a list of those topics, so one of the first things I did was to type out the Table of Contents so that I could search it for a topic that came to mind to let me quickly see what Jesus had to say about that topic! Then I posted it to help others decide if they wanted to buy the book – and then to help them search it just as easily – source).

Now … what I found was that Jesus never mentioned abortion or implied anything about it in any of his nearly 2,000 statements. Never. Does that mean he thought it was OK? As Paul said in Romans 3:4 and Romans 6:15, “Absolutely not“! But what about “murder” (if you equate abortion with murder). Surely Jesus had plenty to say about murder! Well … actually not. There were 36 topics that Jesus spoke about at least TWENTY TIMES. Murder was not one of those 36 … [however hypocrisy WAS!] So … how many times did Jesus talk about murder then? 15? 12? 10? 7? 4? 3? 2? Yes … TWICEand each time it was combined with other evils (thus we know that Jesus was not focusing on just one issue even when talking about murder). Once he spoke of murder in order to compare it to ANGER (which Jesus said was just as bad – Source). Jesus said these two things were subject to judgment (translations typically use the English word “murder”, but the other Greek word has a variety of translations, mostly revolving around “murder”):

  1. Murder, kill, slay – source
  2. Anger, harbors malice, enmity of heart, nurses anger against, lightly angry with his brother, angry with his brother without a cause, only angry even in your own home, angry with another believer, angry with a brother or sister, hold anger in your heart toward a fellow believer, angry with his brother unadvisedly, angry with his brother without have a good reason, wroth to his brother – source

The other time he was speaking of the things that make a man unclean, defiled, dishonored, contaminated, wrong, unacceptable to God, polluted, unholy or dirty (see Source – dozens of translations). And what were the SEVEN things that defile a man, making him unclean? (each of the seven includes the various ways the Greek word is translated – see Source)

  1. Evil thoughts, intentions, ideas
  2. Murder, killing, manslayings
  3. Adultery, unfaithfulness in marriage, sex sins of a married person, breaking of wedlock
  4. Sexual immorality, fornication, sexual vice, sexual sins, vulgar deeds, doing immoral things, lust, unchastity, sex sins of a person not married, whoredom, whoring
  5. Theft, stealing, robbing
  6. False testimony, false witness, lies, telling lies, lying, perjury, telling lies about others,
  7. Slander, blasphemies, railings, irreverent speech, insults, insulting others, insulting people, speaking evil of others, cursing come from within, saying bad things against other people, abusive speech, cussing, speaking against God, saying wrong things about people, evil speakings

I suggest using those two lists (of EIGHT things) when referring to someone or some group of people as evil, since Jesus lumped together all eight things in the two statements that include murder. Lying is right there, just as bad as Murder. So is stealing, speaking badly about others and even just evil thoughts, intentions or ideas! If this is hard to believe, I suggest praying that God would bring understanding to you. Pray that God would show you the meaning of these and other Scriptures.

UPDATE October 20, 2020: The website Holy Post has a rather in depth look at the “voting issue” of abortion. They posted a video about as well as a transcript. I think the transcript is far better because you can actually LOOK at it carefully! See for yourself => Abortion Video Transcript with Citations

HOWEVER … that said … the VIDEO is not very long but extremely well done. It explains things so well that my eyes were “glued to the screen” (so to speak). Take a look at the video now:

I personally wrote this and grant permission to copy or use any of this for your own articles or posts – Len Lindsay (God Is In Our Midst)